Weddings in Romania

Getting married in Romania?

Each humanist wedding ceremony is a unique and tailored celebration of love, focusing on the individuals uniting in marriage. Centered on the couple's journey together, it embraces three fundamental humanist principles: love, equality, and mutual respect. In Romania, ceremonies are led by dedicated ceremonial leaders, focused on crafting unforgettable events. All our celebrants can conduct ceremonies in both English and Romanian.

Where can the ceremony be held?

From the majestic peaks of the Carpathian Mountains and the lush forests to the tranquil Danube Delta, the beautiful sea side or the historic charm of medieval towns with their castles, we can host your ceremony at any stunning location of your choice in Romania. While we don't provide wedding planning services, we customize the ceremony to match your vision and ensure it's precisely as you desire.

How does it work?

After you set the date and booked a venue, you can get in touch with us and discuss about the available celebrants. Based on your vision for the ceremony, we can recommend the best suited person to conduct your ceremony and put you in contact. After meeting the celebrant, you will sign a contract and she/he will write the ceremony, based on information you provide. Before the text is finished, you can give your feedback, so the final version can best reflect your requests. The celebrant can also help you to write your vows and discuss the logistics of the ceremony.

What else do we need to know?

When it come to costs, it can vary between 500-700 euros, depending on the complexity and travel expenses of the celebrant. Please note that the ceremony will be symbolic and not be legally valid, since in Romania only State representatives have the right to perform legally valid weddings. Humanist ceremonies have been available in Romania since 2014 and over the years we have worked with many wedding planners, photographers and other professionals, so we can help with recommendations, should you need them.

Let's discuss your ceremony!

Please let us know if you want to book a date or you need more information.