The humanist ceremonies are unique in Romania. Our team offers you the opportunity to celebrate the most important moments of your lives, in a non-religious, original and delightful manner.

A humanist ceremony is a festive event for people who feel that the humanist philosophy reflects their faith in love and mutual respect, but also their faith in their peers and the world in which we live. The mumanist ceremonies can be held to mark important events in a person’s life, such as the birth of a child, marriage or renewal of vows.

The ceremonies include a diverse range of flexible services that can be customized and adapted to various themes. Whether you opt for a themed ceremony with characters from movies or books or want a traditional ceremony, classical or completely new, your original creation, our team is here for your.

We officiate humanist ceremonies for couples or naming ceremonies for children anywhere in Romania.

If you want to know more about humanist ceremonies and choose an officiant of our team, please contact us.