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Miruna Pătrașcu

I am Miruna and I decided to join the Romanian Humanist Ceremonies team because I really do believe in personal choice and its importance and power. So much of the religious ceremonies are not about the married couple or even about the communities they are part of.

In a humanist ceremony you can make a choice about everything: what is your story, what part of it you want to share with your guests, how you do that, what do you want  your vows to be about etc. It can reflect you and your values in every way you like.

I would like  to support you in having a moment that fits you and who you are!


Daniel Secară
0040 722 609 447

Hello and welcome!

My name is Daniel and I am your humanist ceremonies celebrant.
For the last two years I had the honor and pleasure to meet wonderful people, to stand along side them in, what probably was the most wonderful moment of their lives: when their destinies united.

The ceremony is an intimate and special moment, thus it requires a devoted and understanding person, a celebrant that is both a contributor and a friend. The ceremony will unleash our creative spirits and together we’ll create a truly special event, reflecting your hopes and aspirations for the future. Surpassing the run of the mill wedding events, through your customized ceremony love and devotion will be celebrated in novel and genuine way.

So, whay do you say, are you ready to be part of an unforgettable event?

Anca Bontaş

Hi, my name is Anca and I am a humanist ceremony officiant. I have chosen to become such an officiant because I want to help people to celebrate their love in a personal and unique way.

I believe we all have the right to shape our own memories and to design our own special moments. Whether is marriage, renewal of vows, naming a child or just celebrating love and life we all have different hopes and expectations. I am here to help make them come true.

I am passionate about science and science fiction therefore thematic ceremonies are my favorites. But, no matter the type of the ceremony, with certain traditions or without, thematic or not, simple or complex, just for the two of you or with family, friends and lots of guests you can count on me to help you make your ceremony unique, memorable and perfectly suited for you.

Atila Nyerges

Hello! My name is  Oti and I’m a humanist celebrant, for non-religious weddings and ceremonies for children.

Why do I do this?

While implementing some popular science projects that, together with a group of friends, we are organizing in our free time since 2010, I came in contact with some unusual Romanians, with specific requirements. They claim that the most important events in their lives … should relate to their lives. Pfff!

They want the marriage ceremony to represent their love, how they met, what they feel for each other, their future plans and their shared values.

They also want the naming ceremony to be about the child and about how the parents prepared for the birth, about hopes and dreams of the young family.

These couples do not want a ceremony that follows an old-fashioned pattern. They do not want a clone-ceremony, one of tens of thousands a year. They understood that the DNA of their love is unique and their ceremony needs a personality implant. Hmmm …

Perhaps these people are crazy … maybe they are not so few after all… Perhaps you are one of them …

It’s possible that you also feel that your story is unique and want to share your joy with your friends. It’s possible that you are the kind of human who believes that the strength of the link between people is given by the quality of their shared experiences. It’s possible that you want a ceremony that relates to… your life. If so, write me a message and invite me into your life to help you compose the experience of your dreams!