Hello! My name is  Oti and I’m a humanist celebrant, for non-religious weddings and ceremonies for children.

Why do I do this?

While implementing some popular science projects that, together with a group of friends, we are organizing in our free time since 2010, I came in contact with some unusual Romanians, with specific requirements. They claim that the most important events in their lives … should relate to their lives. Pfff!

They want the marriage ceremony to represent their love, how they met, what they feel for each other, their future plans and their shared values.

They also want the naming ceremony to be about the child and about how the parents prepared for the birth, about hopes and dreams of the young family.

These couples do not want a ceremony that follows an old-fashioned pattern. They do not want a clone-ceremony, one of tens of thousands a year. They understood that the DNA of their love is unique and their ceremony needs a personality implant. Hmmm …

Perhaps these people are crazy … maybe they are not so few after all… Perhaps you are one of them …

It’s possible that you also feel that your story is unique and want to share your joy with your friends. It’s possible that you are the kind of human who believes that the strength of the link between people is given by the quality of their shared experiences. It’s possible that you want a ceremony that relates to… your life. If so, write me a message and invite me into your life to help you compose the experience of your dreams!